Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lock n Fly located?

As you drive into the airport towards the terminal, look for the pink signs. Turn left before the terminal entry doors and park at the end of the laneway (Dakota Lane). There are lots of “pink signs” to guide you. You can also view the helpful tips video here on how the entire process works.

How long is the walk to the terminal?

The distance is almost the same as the public carpark. If you have lots of bags, drop these at the terminal then circle around and park in our yard.

Are Lock n Fly on site full time?

We visit the airport during the day and are not based there permanently

Do I leave my keys?

Yes after parking in the drop off yard, you leave your keys in an envelope in our “drop box” inside the terminal

Where does my car go while I’m away?

Our team visit the airport during the day to move cars in / out of our secure yard, which is located at the airport.

Operating hours?

Our drop off and collection yard is open from 5am until 10pm.

What if my flight is cancelled back to Whangarei?

If a flight is cancelled and Air NZ puts customers on buses, the terminal / yard will be open for collection until after the bus arrives. If you decide to drive up using a rental car service then we cannot guarantee that you will be able to retrieve your keys from the lockers if Air NZ closes the terminal after the bus arrives.

When do I drop off my keys?

Always ensure the flight is going ahead before dropping keys into the “drop box”. In the case of bad weather, we suggest waiting until the flight is confirmed as departing.

What are the parking rates and charges?

These are on our website and the system automatically totals this when you book online. $15 the first night, $10 per night up to 5 nights, then $7 thereafter.

How do I pay?

You can book and pay on our website, with a credit / debit card. You can leave the correct cash in the envelope when you drop off your keys or you can also pay via online banking using Lock n Fly Whangarei 38-9023-0447148-03. Please ensure you use your name and booking number as the reference.

Do you have rates for “long term stays”?

Yes we do, either call us for a chat or email us on

Can I park my ute / van securely?

We park these vehicles as securely as possible, being away from fence lines etc

Are you open on public holidays including Christmas Day / New Years?

Yes we operate everyday and our service is aligned with Air NZ flight schedules

Can I leave a car for someone else to collect?

Yes you can, just provide their information when you book and on the envelope when dropping off your keys.

My flight plan has changed since I booked, how to I change the booking?

If the number of nights is the same, just email us to update your booking. No additional fee applies.

Can I extend my stay?

If you need to extend your stay, just email us the 24 hours prior to your arrival date back to Whangarei and we can amend your booking. Payment for extension can be done into our bank account Lock n Fly Whangarei 38-9023-0447148-03. Please ensure you use your name and booking number as the reference.

Can I pick up my car earlier than I originally booked?

Yes, but please provide 24 hours notice as we aren’t always at the airport. If less than 24 hours, please email AND call us.

What if I forget to update Lock n Fly about returning earlier?

If you arrive at the airport and have forgotten to call us, please call us and we will make appropriate plans. These might not be immediate as keys are stored offsite. A $75 callout fee may apply.

Do I get a refund if I arrive earlier than expected?


I have lost my white card with my pin number on it. What do I do?

You can either call us on 09 436 4081 or email us on

Why do I have book online and complete an envelope at the terminal?

The online booking confirms a spot at our secure carparking service on the days required. When you complete the envelope at the terminal it provides us with your keys and also gives customers to opportunity to make changes to their booking if needed.

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